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Towards A Distant Sea

Towards A Distant Sea

By on Jan 25, 2012 in Books | 0 comments

Paul, a young Australian priest arrives in the Philippines, in 1971, as Martial Law is proclaimed by President Marcos. His idealism exposes him to first-hand experiences of violence and corruption, to injustices, and above all to the heroism of Filipinos during this extraordinary period of Philippine history. And, in his personal life, Paul has to confront the loneliness of the celibate foreign cleric, living alone in the tropical fecundity of Mindanao. The narrative confronts issues still critical to contemporary society – the misuse of power and the struggle for human rights, issues of sexuality and religion, and the search for identity. The title is suitable for readers interested in political corruption and violence – as prevalent today as in the 1970s; the struggle for human rights – for society and the individual; issues of sexuality and religion – a raw nerve issue in church life; and the search for identity – a perennial quest.

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