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Recently Published

Recently Published

August 2014:

My short story The Falling Boy was published in the Irish online magazine ‘The South Circular’ –


My short story Dulce et Decorum Est was translated into French for ‘Munduslingua’ –


November 4th, 2013: Today my essay, ‘Smiling Assassins’ is published in

Right Now: Human Rights in Australia‘. It includes a series of personal interviews with a gay Muslim Man, an Imam and a Catholic theologian as to why religion and homosexuality don’t seem to get on well under the doona.


September 2013: I tried my hand at some humour recently and got lucky with two publications.

Check them out and feel free to snigger a little.

Magnum Opus:

“The audio version of my short story ‘Mates’, first published in ‘All Mortal Flesh’ in 2009 is now an audio on ‘Short Australian Stories”
‘I never kissed him’ in Canary Press Vol. 2: audio version of my short story ‘Mates’, first published in ‘All Mortal Flesh’ in 2009 is now an audio on ‘Short Australian Stories.’ Link



‘The Transference’ published in gay e-books ‘Hold On I’m Coming’ Link


Adelaide land crime shows why we need a treaty, January 17th 2012  Link


Le Bel Homme sans Merci , ‘gay e-books’, July 2007  Download


Yahweh and Eros, ‘Meanjin’, January 2007 


The Man I Love, ‘gay e-books’ December 2007 Download


German Soldier’s Ugly Art, ‘Eureka Street’ – July 2008 Link


Kungun Ngarrindjeri Miminar Yunnan, Book Review – ‘Eureka Street’ –August 2008   Link


The Piano, ‘Windmills’ zine, February 2009  Download


‘I cam, therefore I am.’ gay e-books, February 2009. Download


Dulce et Decorum est shortlisted for the Victorian Writers Short Story Competion March 2009  Download


‘Resurrecting the Book’, Eureka Street, March 16th’ Link

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  1. John, Thanks for drawing this to our attention in your nicely observed piece. You’re quite right, misogyny is still rife in our society and those who should know better including politicians and the media throw in personal invective some examples of which you have noted. I consider this behaviour quite disgraceful.

    Among our politicians what happened to courtesy and professional respect? I was glad to see Gail Kelly speaking out in support of Julia Gillard a couple of days ago, haven’t seen too many examples of that recently but then I don’t always bother to sift through the garbage that the media dishes out to find the balanced comment.


    May 10, 2012

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